Tiffany & Andy: Family Portraits


I don’t even need to point out what a good-looking family this is. But more than that, they have a palpable love and affection for one another. Tiffany and Andy are obviously in love, even more so after eleven years of marriage than when they met. Andy is a talented web-designer who says he’s still […]

Matthew & Monica’s Wedding!

dress and cottage

Everything about Matt and Monica’s wedding day had some element of fun involved. Matthew also happens to be my “little” (younger but much taller than me!) cousin who I love like a brother, so this wedding was truly a delight to photograph. There are so many great photos that it is VERY difficult to choose […]

Dianne & David: Engagement Session

Dianne & David

Dianne and I go WAY back, even before birth! Our grandparents lived one street away from each other, and our mothers became friends in elementary school and were the best of friends all the way through high school. Dianne’s mother moved to South Carolina after she married, but our moms kept in touch. We were […]

Children at Naledi

While we were in Africa, we were blessed to get to meet some beautiful children in a very poor community called Naledi. Many are orphans, some are being raised by a teen sibling as the head of the family. They all loved having their picture made, and even the ones that spoke very little English […]