Dianne & David: Engagement Session

Dianne and I go WAY back, even before birth! Our grandparents lived one street away from each other, and our mothers became friends in elementary school and were the best of friends all the way through high school. Dianne’s mother moved to South Carolina after she married, but our moms kept in touch. We were born just seven months apart, and I’m pretty sure our moms were at each other’s baby showers. Dianne’s family visited her grandparents as often as they could, so we had a chance to do things together a few times each year. I remember fun things like going to the zoo, but I have a few also painful memories — like when our moms learned how to french braid our hair and needed lots of practice to get good at it! (Ouch!) Back before the day’s of email and facebook, Dianne and I were penpals. Unfortunately, she and I lost touch for quite a few years, but we’re delighted to have reconnected, and she’s now engaged to a wonderful man named David.

We are excited about photographing Dianne and David’s 2010 wedding in Jacksonville Beach. They have exquisite taste, so I know it will be a gorgeous, elegant wedding, and I’m loving the details I’ve heard so far!

For their engagement session, we took full advantage of the gorgeous setting of David’s home and the surrounding areas. There is a dock running from the backyard out into the tidal marsh. Beau-ti-ful! These photos were all taken either in their gorgeous landscaped yard or nearby in a little clearing at the end of a road washed out during a hurricane back in 1969. When I think Florida, “beach” usually comes to mind, but I am really loving this Florida, too!

tidal marsh
These two are so in love, and so doggone adorable!

engagement loving couple

Dianne and David



Thank you, Dianne and David, for sharing your time with us — and those scrumptious homemade chocolate chip cookies!! :D


  1. Chris and Tonya says

    The pictures are very beautiful. The sentiment in the pictures remind me of Chris and I, Love is in the air. It’s an awesome thing called love. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Pat Johnson says

    Wonderful !!!! Beautiful pictures with David’s grandmother’s chair in the picture.