Matthew & Monica’s Wedding!

Everything about Matt and Monica’s wedding day had some element of fun involved. Matthew also happens to be my “little” (younger but much taller than me!) cousin who I love like a brother, so this wedding was truly a delight to photograph. There are so many great photos that it is VERY difficult to choose which ones to share!

Monica had her heart set on a little white chapel, and found just what she wanted in the charming San Marco Preservation Hall, originally built in 1888. A quaint cottage on-site provided a great location for the girls to get ready. And of course, for some shots of her delectable dress. I say delectable because it reminds me — in a good way — of some sort of deliciously dreamy confection.

dress and cottage

Check out little Devin the ring-bearer with his jaunty top hat! Daymien and Matt are both handsome guys. And I must admit this is my favorite flower girl ever. But then again, I may be just a teensy bit biased, since she’s our daughter.

wedding kids

Matt and Monica’s wedding was beautifully simple. The church, with it’s lovely stained wood ceiling and walls, did not require much embellishment, so these fresh roses down the aisle were just perfect.

inside church

A few more details:

I’m always a bit sentimental at weddings, but especially at the wedding of someone I love dearly. When Matthew got choked up saying his vows, so did I! After their short but sweet ceremony, bubbles welcomed the newly married couple as they exited the church. What’s not to love about bubbles?


Matt and Monica made a point of scheduling time in their day specifically for photos. How wonderful! Future brides, I strongly urge you to schedule extra time for photos for just you and your groom. It is SO worth it!  No one felt rushed, and we had a chance to take full advantage of the grounds of the church. These trees draped in Spanish moss makes me think of old Southern plantations or something out of a romance novel. 

sassy and sweet

When we were finished playing there, we ventured down to a location they loved by St John’s river for more photos at a park near Friendship Fountain. The sky was so delightfully blue it almost looks like a fake backdrop. Monica grew up in Jacksonville Beach, and often came to play at this park as a child, so besides just being beautiful, having  this skyline of Jacksonville behind them is meaningful as well. 

skyline and river

Then, on to the reception. Did I mention that Matt & Monica are fun? The dance floor was packed all night. In fact, once our girls had eaten, I don’t think either of them sat down once — they danced all night long! The father of the groom (my uncle) taught Lindsey to two-step, Kathryn tried to show her cousin Cullen some moves (but he preferred doing the robot), and Matt and Monica danced everything from the slow songs to the “booty-shaking” variety. Though we were the photographers at this wedding, we were also there as family, so Ken and I did get out there to swing-dance once or twice, at the request of the groom. ( I do l-o-v-e dancing with my husband!)

kids dance

I love-love-love how fun and passionate this photo is, but ohmigosh, this is my little cousin Matthew who used to carry his Pooh Bear around and fidget with his ear when he was sleepy. Ok, ok, that was about thirty years ago, but STILL!

What a fun, fun, day. :)
But that’s not all! Matt & Monica were adventurous enough to do next-morning photos on the beach, so check back soon to see those!


  1. Meredith says

    Like the ones on your blog… these are just fabulous! Love the city skyline in the background on that one… Jacksonville right?