Matthew & Monica: Newlywed Session on the Beach!

Matthew is my cousin, but Ken and I were both so flattered that he and Monica really, truly love our work; Matt told me they were up for anything we asked them to do because he knows there’s a method to our madness. As soon as they were engaged, we started talking wedding details. Of course we discussed specifics about the actual wedding, but from the very beginning, they loved our suggestion to do an early-morning photo session on the beach the day after the wedding. The idea behind these day-after photos is that you can relax and have fun without worrying about keeping the dress sparkling clean or wrinkling the tux. You are officially husband and wife (yea!), and there isn’t a reception-hall full of hungry friends and family waiting for your arrival.

These sessions also make for some outstanding — and unique — photographs.

sunrise silhouette

We were excited about getting them out on the beach in the early-morning, when the beach was nearly empty and the light was all warm and glowy. But when Monica said she wanted to actually get in the ocean, we really got excited! That is just BEYOND fun!

And SO romantic!

holding hands on beach

gazing at sunrise

Note to future brides: please know that something like this usually cleans up quite well, but of course there’s no guarantee that you can have your dress back to it’s pre-wedding condition. If you’ve ever seen how dirty the hem of a wedding dress is after a reception, or realized the possibility that something like red wine or a sauce from dinner could spill on your dress, then something like a little ocean water isn’t a big deal. Some brides, like Monica, just save a piece of the dress (in her case, a little bow and “bling” from the dress), which a future daughter or daughter-in-law could pin in her own dress or wrap around her wedding bouquet.

OK, back to more romantic beachy goodness…

sitting in the sand

carrying bride into the ocean

waves crashing

kissing under the pier

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  1. Monica Holmes says

    OMG….I could not ask for anything better!!! These photos are gorgeous. Thank you so much :)

  2. Matt Holmes says

    THANK YOU!!!!! They are perfect…. I’m so glad we were able to get our butts out of bed and take pictures. Thanks for the motivation cousin. I will find you all some super cool flip flops to replace the ones that walked away. Love Y’all,

  3. Windee says

    These are SOOOOOOO pretty!!!! Great job! Congrats Matt and Monica! Sorry we could not be there to share this special weekend with you. You both look VERY Happy!
    Love you all!

  4. Donna says

    Love the pictures and the idea of making early morning photo’s the day after the wedding. Fantastic pictures, you guys did a great job!!!

  5. Donna says

    Beautiful work ! love the idea of taking pictures @ sunrise the day after the wedding. Great job you two.

  6. Teresa says

    OMG, these are beautiful Matt & Monica and Jamie ya have done an awesome job.. Keep them coming. I want to get some made and also I want one of Daymian and his daddy that you took.
    love you Matt & Monica, Mema

  7. Debbie Swales says

    George forwarded me these photos and they are absolutely gorgeous! You guys did an awesome job.

  8. Monica Holmes says

    Everytime I look at these photos I get goose bumps. They are absolutely amazing!!! Thank you again for the time and attention that you provided us on our special day!