Tiffany & Andy: Family Portraits

I don’t even need to point out what a good-looking family this is. But more than that, they have a palpable love and affection for one another. Tiffany and Andy are obviously in love, even more so after eleven years of marriage than when they met. Andy is a talented web-designer who says he’s still in denial about being a geek. I love, love, love the way he describes his family on his website.
(Psst! Hey, Andy — geeks don’t have wives as gorgeous as Tiffany, so you must not be that geeky!)

Six-year-old Caleb is a splendid rock-skipper, and quite a thinker, too.  This year’s Halloween costume was a mad scientist: perfect!

Two-year-old Andrew is all boy; as long as he has a stick, or a handful of dirt or rocks, he is a happy, happy boy. And those curls! {sigh}


I love the mischievous look on little Andrew’s face here. He’s ready to make his getaway!


Didn’t I tell you that Tiffany and Andy are totally in love?
It’s a myth that kids make life less romantic — perhaps the definition of romance may change a bit, but only for the better.