The Hodgepodge Family Portrait Session

Hodgepodge family session

The world of blogland is a funny place. If you’re not part of it, you can’t possibly imagine that you’d ever think of people you don’t know in real life as friends, but if you are part of blogland, you totally get it. Last week, I had the pleasure of photographing the family of one […]

Snow White and the Two Princes

Snow White poster for play

Our older daughter Lindsey has a part in a local community theater production of Snow White. We’ve worked with this group on and off for years, and our whole family has been in these plays at some point. When I did Steel Magnolias this summer, we got the idea to do a movie poster with […]

Diane & Brandon: Engagement Session

Engagement Session Piedmont Park

At Christmastime, in front of the big Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center, our son Brandon asked his long-time girlfriend Diane to marry him. She said yes. (Of course!) Since then, they’ve been excitedly planning their wedding. They’ve chosen to have a summertime wedding next June — but because it’s rather far off, and because June […]

Amber & Skylar’s Wedding!

bride and groom holding hands

We met Skylar and Amber a few years ago because they are friends with our son Brandon. They’re all still good friends, and Brandon and his fiancée Diane were in attendants in Skylar and Amber’s wedding! I think Brandon found it amusing to watch us at work. He told me, “I actually saw you hiding […]

Kaila & Jeremy’s Wedding!

bride groom brick building

It’s always difficult to choose which photos to share from each wedding, to pick the ones that will show what makes each couple’s wedding day unique. With Kaila and Jeremy’s wedding, the choosing was still difficult, but some of the photos simply begged to be shared. You’ll see what I mean… Kaila was calm and […]

Sarah & Justin’s Wedding!

bride groom passionate kiss

On Friday night, my youngest niece became a Mrs. How is it possible that this much time has gone by?  I babysat this little girl, kissed boo-boos, and at one point in her life, I was THE coolest person in her life — or at least she acted like she thought that when she came […]