Kind Words

Kind words from a few of our brides…

The moment Mike I got engaged we knew with out a shadow of a doubt that we wanted Ken and Jamie to be our photographers! They do such a wonderful job and you can truly tell that they love what they are doing. They will go the distance to make sure they get that one amazing shot. Ken will climb trees, lay on the ground, and even stand on railings! We could not have asked for anything better than what they gave us! Thank you so much Ken and Jamie. ~ Sarah

Just wanted to say the pictures are AMAZING and I am totally floored.
You guys are awesome and so much fun! ~ Elizabeth

Christopher and I cannot say enough about how pleased we were with Ken and Jamie. They met with us over lunch and talked through our upcoming wedding and what was important to us. The day of the ceremony they were present, but not intrusive, which is a delicate balance that I’ve seen lesser photographers really mess up. After the ceremony they took us for a special photo shoot of “just us” at a perfect spot that Jamie had scoped out weeks earlier. The pictures turned out amazing — like something out of a magazine. It did not take long to get the pictures back, and after looking at them all from pre-ceremony to couple photo shoot, I felt like the Worleys had truly captured not just the important moments of the day, but also the spirit of our wedding and who we are as a couple. ~ Jennifer

Oh my goodness!!  You are amazing!!!  You captured every bit of the joy we felt that day.  What a blessing it will be for years to come to look back and not only see the pictures but to feel that joy again!!!  Thank you so very much!!!~ Susan

You have given our family a priceless gift!! We can’t thank you enough for your perspective in capturing the perfect moments. You will help us remember the beauty of this special day forever. You two were exactly the right people to capture the essence of this wedding. Thank you for the talent and spirit that you brought to this celebration. ~ Peggy

Jamie and Ken are absolutely the best! I cannot say enough great things about them and the wonderful photos they took of our wedding. The wedding album far exceeded our expectations. They even took beach pictures the next morning when it was 33 degrees outside! They also did an engagement session that turned out awesome. If you use Worley Arts to photograph your wedding you won’t be disappointed!!” ~ Dianne

You two did a fantastic job and I couldn’t be more pleased with how the photos turned out.  I was concerned about the lighting in the church, but they all are great. That day was so rushed and stressful for me, but the photos really captured the joy that I had deep down under all the madness.  Thanks to these photos, I can really enjoy my wedding day. ~ Breniethia

Every time I look at these photos I get goose bumps. They are absolutely amazing!!! Thank you again for the time and attention that you provided us on our special day! ~ Monica

We are so blessed to have had Jamie and Ken at our wedding. Words truly cannot describe how wonderful a job they did, and I cannot express how fantastic it was to see a husband and wife work side by side so well together… their creativity brought a warmth to that moment in time. They did a great job at finding the shots that we forgot to ask for, and took initiative to capture moments we ourselves did not get a chance to experience. ~ Melissa

We LOVE LOVE these pictures!! Thank you so so much for being incredible people and photographers. ~ Alli

Thank you so much for capturing our special day and all its amazing moments! That day goes by so fast and thanks to you both, we have so many beautiful pictures to remember it with! ~ Whitney