Susan & Craig’s Wedding!

When I spoke to Susan on Friday, the day before her wedding to Craig, the weather forecast called for thunderstorms. I asked if she had a alternative rain plan, and she said she did, and that earlier in the week, she had been praying for good weather, but then realized that it really didn’t matter whether or not it rained because no matter what, at the end of the day, she would be married to the man of her dreams.
before the ceremonyThe venue for their wedding was The Barn at Price Mountain Farm — located next to a lake, nestled in rolling grassy hills. Perfect! The ceremony site faced the lake, and the reception was held primarily in a large tent behind the barn. The delicious spread — by Triple J’s catering — was set up in the barn. Complete with cornbread! How can you not love a reception with cornbread!?!
Barn at Price Mtn Farm
reception tablesIt rained on and off all afternoon, and as guests began to arrive, the drizzle got heavier. Just when they were about to make move the ceremony into the reception tent, the rain cleared and the evening turned out beautiful!

Susan is a third-grade teacher — and very loved by her students, who all crowded ’round for hugs from Ms. Susan. Ms. Susan and her students

Susan invited all of her students to the wedding, even the students from previous years who still come back to visit her. And she gave them all a role in the wedding ceremony. One boy carried her grandmother’s Bible; every girl was a flower girl, tossing petals from galvanized metal buckets; every boy carried a long-stem rose down the aisle and put it in a vase near the communion table. I’ve never seen a wedding with so many — and such enthusiastic — young attendants! So sweet! Here they are all waiting for their turn down the aisle (and the groom peeking out of the barn door)…
children waiting
Susan’s elderly father walked her down the aisle as Craig waited, nervous but happy. waiting groom
In honor of her late mother, Susan carried an angel crocheted by her mother and a small photo of her. She set them, along with a single flower, in the empty seat next to her father. in honor of bride's mother

In a heartfelt ceremony overlooking the lake, Susan and Craig exchanged vows and rings…exchanging vows
They shared communion, then braided ropes to symbolize the cord of three strands:

“Though one may be overpowered,
two can defend themselves.
A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” Ephesians 4:12

cord of three strandsThen — in one of my favorite moments in the ceremony, Susan realized that they were married and were about to be pronounced as husband and wife. She was so joyful, she burst out in such contagious joy that everyone there started laughing, too! laughing and joyful brideAs Susan and Craig began the recessional, the wedding party pulled Elvis-style shades (the guys’ were complete with fake sideburns) and boogied down the aisle to the tune of “Burning Love.” Love it! recessionalEven Susan’s dad (with her sisters) got in on the Elvis action:Dad and sistersA few photos with the newlyweds… newlywed kiss

newlyweds laugh

…and then the party started! By far, the best dancers of the evening were the kids, though Susan and Craig looked great out there, too!dancing
cake cuttingThe toasting glasses were monogrammed mason jars with lemonade! :)

At the end of the evening, the guests enthusiastically showered the bride and groom with birdseed as they made their getaway. getaway Susan and Craig, we are so very happy to have been part of your day, to have shared laughter & happy tears with you. God bless your new life together!


Enjoy more of Susan and Craig’s story in this slideshow…


  1. Tina Savasuk says

    Such a neat setting and made for awesome pictures. Congratulations Susan and Craig, I really enjoyed reading about your wedding and seeing your pictures.

  2. Sandra Dickerson says

    WOW!!! To the Worleys! Thank you sooo much for making Susan and Craig’s wedding day so beautifully remembered with those awesome pictures! I can’t wait to see the rest when they are ready. We had such a crazy last few days getting everything done before the wedding that some of the things I can’t remember. Your pictures captured everything about the wedding. Thank you again. P.S. I’m the sister with the dark hair who was trying to help keep Susan and Craig rounded up for pictures! Also, your blog was wonderfully written.