Sarah & Justin’s Wedding!

On Friday night, my youngest niece became a Mrs.

How is it possible that this much time has gone by?  I babysat this little girl, kissed boo-boos, and at one point in her life, I was THE coolest person in her life — or at least she acted like she thought that when she came to spend the night at her aunt Jamie’s house.

I was honored when Sarah asked us to photograph her wedding, to be such an intimate part of one of the biggest days of her life.
Sarah bride getting ready
Sarah bride getting ready
I might be a bit partial since I’m her aunt, but I think Sarah is stunningly beautiful as a bride.
Sarah bridal bouquet

Sarah and Justin chose to be married at The Georgian Club, a beautiful venue in Atlanta.
wedding rings detail

These seriously cute flower girls just happen to be our grand-nieces. (Gosh, that makes us sound old!)
cute flower girls

Sarah and Justin exchanged vows in front of the waterfall in the gardens of The Georgian Club. Absolutely beautiful! By the time the ceremony began, it was delightfully shaded by big trees, which made the hot summer evening quite pleasant.
bride and groom wedding vows

After the sand ceremony, Sarah and Justin shared a quiet prayer.
sand ceremony prayer

After the guests and the wedding party headed upstairs to the cocktail hour, we spent a little time alone with Sarah and Justin.

Justin couldn’t keep his eyes off of Sarah.
Sarah and Justin bride and groom

bride groom passionate kiss

Before joining the reception, Sarah and Justin enjoyed cocktails and hors d’oeuvres in the bridal suite. I love when venues do this to allow the newly married couple a few minutes entirely to themselves. (After we took a few photos — at Sarah and Justin’s request, of course!)
Sarah and Justin bridal suite

Then — party time!

It’s always fun to see photos from the couple’s engagement session make an appearance at their wedding. Sarah and Justin asked guests to sign a mat around a photo they will frame and display in their home. (See Sarah and Justin’s engagement session.)
engagement photo guest sign in

first dance bride and groom

I think the little girls were drooling over that cake, waiting til they could get a piece for themselves! They may have also been hoping Sarah and Justin would have a bit of a food fight with it.
Sarah and Justin cake

My sister Debbie (the mother of the bride) and her husband Ken. Yes, we’re both married to Kens. Kens make good husbands — or at least we both think so!
mother of bride dancing

Dancing = fun for all ages!
fun dancing wedding

wedding bouquet toss
After much fun and festivity… a kiss on the elevator.
elevator kiss bride groom

Sarah and Justin sparkler exit

…and a 1941 Cadillac convertible as their getaway car. Love it!
1941 Cadillac convertible wedding getaway car