Three Generations

We always have fun with photo sessions, and always do all we can to make sure our clients are having fun. But at this session, these gals had us rolling! They are a HOOT!

We have the pleasure of knowing Elisabeth from church, and she and her mom wanted to have photos made with Elisabeth’s grandmother to celebrate three generations. What a treasure! I love this photo of their hands.

We like Elisabeth; she’s always just the right mix of nice and funny, even when working hard; she’s a Ministry Assistant at JFBC, and that’s a big job! After meeting her family, we now know where she gets her personality; her mom and her grandma would be funny on their own, but when you put all three of these ladies together, they are downright hilarious, although they look pretty well-behaved in these photos. {grin}

Beyond the silliness, though, you can truly see the love and respect they all have for each other. It’s a beautiful thing.

We enjoyed every minute of this session! Thank so much for inviting us into your family and infusing an extra dose of joy into our lives!<