Susan & Craig: Engagement Session

Susan and Craig are so adorable, and so in love! Even our teenage daughter (doing a fab job as assistant on this shoot!) kept telling them, “Y’all are so cute!” We are eagerly anticipating their May wedding, and enjoyed this opportunity to get to know them better, and to give them a chance to become more comfortable with us before “The Big Day!” This is exactly the reason we love doing an engagement session with our couples!

We met at a great little part of Roswell with lots of great antique shops and restaurants. We saw a little restaurant (okay, actually I smelled the amazing aromas wafting out of this little restaurant!)  and immediately loved the color and texture of the great graffiti-style painted walls opposite the bar. Since they were just opening up, and didn’t yet have any customers, we asked if we could shoot there, and the manager graciously said yes. (Regrettably, we did not have time to eat there this time, but we will definitely go back!)

I love this shot Ken captured in the mirror behind the bar:

mirror reflection

The day was perfectly gorgeous, so we spent most of the time outdoors.

"Gifted" sign

Craig is a location scout for film and television. He also has a great sense of humor, and is completely in love with Susan.

smiling couple

holding hands

Susan’s eyes are the most fantastic shade of blue-green, and her smile lights up her whole face! I know her students (she’s an elementary-school teacher) must l-o-v-e Ms. Susan!

Susan smiles

Did I mention how cute they are together? :)

smiling at Craig

couple in love

Susan and Craig, you two are positively delightful, and we look forward to being part of your wedding day!


  1. Mom - Lillian says

    Love, Love the pictures and the place they were taken. I love graffiti. Even still I will try to see a train passing by and look for grafitti walls in cities. When Craig, Susan, and I went to NYC a little over a year ago, I think I took more pictures of grafitti than sites.

    Good choice of sites and, the pictures were great!! Of course, with Craig and Susan in them, SPECIAL. MOM