Meagan & Tim: Family Portraits

We absolutely love Meagan and Tim, and their handsome boys are polite and hilarious — a delightful combination. In seeking a location for their holiday portrait session, we went no further than a gorgeous park right in their neighborhood!
family reflection lake

We were just setting up for this shot, and told the boys they didn’t have to smile yet. So even though this was a “test” shot, I ended up loving it because it’s so them.
silly boys family bridge

Mom and dad carefully positioned the boys for this shot so nobody fell in. Love the perfect reflection Ken captured…
boys on bridge reflection

Didn’t I tell you the boys are handsome?
handsome boys
boys running
Meagan spotted a rock in the woods, and asked if that would work for a photo. Awesome!
family on rock
boys on rock

Know what’s fun? When the kids have ideas for photos! Whenever possible, we try to make it work — and in this case, Zack’s idea came out so cool that the boys look like rock stars. “Rock” stars. Get it? ‘Cause they’re on a rock? I know, I know; lame joke. But the photo is still really cool, even if I’m not. ;)
rock stars boys

Tim and Meagan are the owners of a video production company; they do a lot of corporate work, but also do a great job on videography for weddings, too! We love couples who work together — and enjoy it! Aren’t they cute? ;)
cute married couple love

Sometimes it’s Ken that climbs in all sorts of weird places during photo sessions, but in this case, we stuck the boys in a tree.
boys in tree

We had so much fun with y’all! Thanks for a delightful afternoon!
autumn lake family


  1. Linda Maisano says

    Hi there…

    Beautiful photography! I also love the photos because Tim is my cousin! He rarely post photos (I am always on him for this), so it’s really nice to see the boys and Meagan! We are still waiting for him to get to California for a family reunion! Thank you!