Looking for forever…

If you read our personal blogs, or if you’ve followed here for long, you know that our middle child, Lindsey, was adopted last year through the state foster care system at age 14. Did you know that there are more 150 million orphans worldwide, and currently about 123,000 children available for adoption through the foster system? Adoption is something we are passionate about, but we can’t adopt them all. So we do what we can, which in this case means volunteering our services to photograph kids in need of adoption.

Recently, we had the privilege of meeting (and photographing!) a few wonderful young people who have one very big thing in common: all are hoping to find forever families. All of the kids here are considered “special needs” simply because their age makes them more difficult to find adoptive homes. That means the state pays all adoption fees.

Please allow me to introduce you to these great kids…

This is 16-year-old Deanna (longtime friend of our daughter Lindsey).

teen girl needs permanent home

These guys, Bobby (14) and John (10), are brothers:

brothers in need of adoption

And adorable ten-year-old John:

boy looking for forever family

If you would like more information on these kids, we can gladly put you in touch with their caseworker! Or if you have any questions about adoption or foster care, ask us; if we don’t have the answers, we will find them for you, or we’ll find someone who does have the answers you need!