John & Jessica: Family Portraits

We’ve been doing mini-sessions for the families in our Sunday school class to update our class directory — and because we think everybody should update their family photos at least once a year! John and Jessica have been gracious enough to offer their gorgeous park-like property as a location.

I must confess: a visit to John and Jessica’s place makes me long for some acreage! I grew up having a home on several acres, so this kind of place feels like home to me. They have made it gorgeous, but left it very natural, too: perfect! They have talked about using this as a place for outdoor weddings, so if you’re hankering for a beautiful outdoor wedding location under big ol’ oak trees next to a pond, call or email us and we’ll get you in contact with them!

Before it’s possible to get a natural-looking smile from young kids, some silliness is usually required. Sometimes that means Ken and I act like the goofballs we really are. Sometimes it just means letting the kids get a little goofiness out of their system — and that often makes some of my favorite photos, especially when mom and dad play along. Like in this one… (I also love how the vines frame this wooden bench swing!)


Once the silliness is out of their system, we can get photos like this…
family on swing
John and Jessica have four beautiful daughters: Brandy (far right), Joely (in Dad’s lap), Sophie (between mom & Brandy), and Lilly (in heaven).

Beautiful, beautiful girls!
the girls

John and Jessica
I’ll say it again: being married does not diminish romance! It changes, it grows, it requires being intentional about it, and it may not look anything like those early dating days, but it’s so much richer.  So whenever we do a family session, we always suggest at least a few photos of just mom and dad together. It’s often been years since they had any good photos of just the two of them. John and Jessica have weathered some very tragic circumstances; that sort of love and commitment just cannot be compared to even the most “romantic” of dating couples. I lovelovelove the content look on Jessica’s face here. And that little pop of pink from the rose on the arm of the swing? One of the girls gave it to Jessica: so sweet!