Holiday Portraits with the Grandparents

While Sally and Steve were in town, they decided to do an impromptu holiday photo session with all seven of their grandchildren.
Multi-generational photos are so wonderful, and just not done often enough! So, hurray for Sally and Steve in doing this!family_portrait_outdoor_grandparents_grandchildrenOne of the things I love about this next photo is how two-year-old Maddie Kate is standing in the foreground, just being two, and everyone else is cracking up about her grumpiness. ;)multigeneration family photoThe family was on a tight time schedule, so we had to work fast, but Jenifer had an idea for a photo she really wanted to do, using a neighbor’s old pick-up truck. We would have loved to move the truck to a niftier location, but we just chose our angles as carefully as possible since it had to remain parked where it was. I love it, though! Christmas_card_photo_old_Chevy_truck
It was late, but we did one more photo, and told everyone to just be silly.  ;) It turned out to be my very favorite photo of the day…silly_photo_old_Chevy_truck

Thanks for a fun time, y’all — and for being such good sports despite the time restraints, pesky gnats, and a tired toddler!