End of Summer

Our Labor Day weekend has been gloriously relaxing, mostly consisting of time with family and some delightfully cooler weather. There is definitely a hint of fall in the air. We’ve gone for walks, played outside, had dinner with all three kids in the same house! We’ll soon be gearing up for a busy fall season, so this has been perfectly lovely.

After a little butterfly-chasing, Kathryn brought in a little nosegay of buddleia and two varieties of lavender. The fragrant flowers were beautiful and Kathryn was beaming. Our little girl will be ten years old in just a couple of weeks. Oh, my… {sigh}

end of summer

summer nosegay

May you enjoy the last of your summer days, too!


  1. Tammy says

    I can’t believe Alec will be 10 either their birthdays so close together it doesn’t seem like it’s been that many years that jamie and i were pregnant together! 10 wonderful years!