Elizabeth & Terry’s Wedding!

Elizabeth says about herself, “I’m not dramatic; I am just passionate about life!” She is fun and outgoing — perfectly suited for her work as a children’s minister. She says, Terry is a down-to-earth, duck-hunting mechanical engineer. They are very different, but very much alike in the ways that count: their faith, their priorities, and their love for each other. They met through a mutual friend, and though Elizabeth had absolutely no plans to become romantically involved with anyone, she and Terry enjoyed wonderful conversation over lunch the next day. Soon, they went on a “real” date, and it wasn’t long before she knew this man wasn’t like any other guy she’d known.

Elizabeth’s dress features antique lace from her great-great-grandmother’s wedding dress. Six brides in their family have worn it, but the dress had nearly disintegrated. The dress Elizabeth found perfectly matched the color of the antique satin, and looks like it was made for that lace!

dress with antique lace

The boutonniers were made by the groom’s mother. The duck feathers are absolutely gorgeous!

duck feather boutennier

Did I mention Elizabeth is fun?

laughing bridesmaids

She’s also smokin’ hot!
gorgeous bride and church

Shortly before the ceremony, Elizabeth’s dad saw his little girl in her wedding dress for the first time. They both burst into happy tears as soon as they saw each other. The bridesmaids and the mother of the bride were teary-eyed as they watched father and daughter share an emotional moment.
daddy sees the bride

After a beautiful ceremony at Johnson Ferry Baptist Church, We took a few minutes for photos of Elizabeth and Terry in their first moments as husband and wife.
bride and groom

The reception was held at historical Naylor Hall in downtown Roswell, with a fabulous “H” wreath on the door for Terry and Elizabeth’s last name.
Naylor Hall
A delicious Southern-style grits buffet was catered by Endive Fine Catering. And their fried green tomatoes = yummy!

After their grand entrance as Mister and Misses, Terry and Elizabeth danced their first dance to “Big Green Tractor,” an homage to their differences.
They make each other laugh. ;)
first dance

Elizabeth didn’t tell her daddy what song they would be dancing to because she wanted to surprise him with a special song he used to sing to her as a child. More happy tears…
daddy dance

The wedding cake design copied the antique lace on the bride’s dress. Photos from their parents’ weddings graced either side of the cake table, along with Elizabeth’s late grandmother’s glasses for the toast.
wedding cake

But the groom’s cake (made by the groom himself!) was a duck-hunting blind! When Terry proposed, Elizabeth was wearing a duck costume she was making for a Halloween party where he would be dressed in his duck hunting garb. (She is still supposed to be sending me a photo of that!)
bride and grooms cakes

When it came time for the toast, Elizabeth’s brother knew he’d cry. He started out sharing a funny story about his sister, but then shared a sweet story of something she did for him when he was a little boy. When he and Elizabeth both got choked up, many other eyes shed a few tears as well. I love to see such close family relationships!
the toast

The bride would not allow the single guys to hide when it was time for the garter toss; she called them out by name! single guys

I positively love the expression on Elizabeth’s face as she throws the bouquet!
bride tosses bouquet

After a quick outfit change for the bride, the couple headed out for their honeymoon, surrounded by family, friends, love — and bubbles!
exit bubbles


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