Aubrey & Chris: Anytime Session

These two are so fun! Chris works at our church in the middle school ministry, and is a super-fun guy; that’s definitely a plus for someone who works with teens! His wife Aubrey is simply adorable, and together, I think they are one of the cutest couples EVER!

Silliness on the railroad tracks. Not that we’re complaining: we love silly!
silliness on the railroad tracks
Chris had a running commentary going the whole time. We really needed an audio of this shoot. Hi-lar-i-ous! They kept us laughing, and they kept each other laughing. We all got a kick out of the crazy “Watch your step” sign on this door!laughter

It was SO cold and windy! Whenever possible, we found little nooks and crannies to get Chris and Aubrey out of the wind. Like these:

couple by bricks

on the stairway
One day, coming back from somewhere out of town, Chris stopped to eat at a restaurant, and someone came up and asked for his autograph. They thought he was a rock star. He guesses that guys in that small down just don’t wear skinny jeans and v-neck tees. He is just that cool. (I bet Aubrey is laughing at that!)alley
Love this big stucco wall and the tree!
stucco wall tree

Earlier in the week, Chris sent us this message on twitter: “pretty excited about this weekend-got my smile & smirk all ready for ya. Do you prefer sultry? That’ll take more prep.” I don’t know if Chris accomplished sultry, but Aubrey must’ve been practicing…

sultry Aubrey

Thanks so much for such a fun afternoon!