Amber & Skylar: Engagement Session

Amber and Skylar are engaged!
cute engaged couple near brick building

Skylar and our son Brandon are good friends. Amber and Skylar got engaged shortly after Brandon got engaged, but Amber and Skylar are getting married this summer, while Brandon and Diane plan to wait another year. Skylar and Amber’s wedding will be fun for a number of reasons, including the fact that Brandon will be one of the groomsmen!
Amber and Skylar Engagement session(Good job on the ring, Skylar!)
engagement ring hands

Laughter. Amber and Skylar are full of laughter.
engaged couple at marble courthouse

And Amber — you are gorgeous! Clearly, Skylar thinks so, too.
engaged couple by streetlights

It was so very cold during this session, but Amber and Skylar didn’t let it show. They even let a bit of silliness emerge. (We like that because we’re rather silly ourselves!)
engaged couple by painted wall
This painted brick wall is fantastic, complete with peeling plaster. Ken and I each had a different take on this shot. Ken’s, at left, is very dramatic. I love it! But I like my sweet and sentimental version, too.
red brick wall engaged couple

Skylar and Amber, thank you for braving the cold with us! June will be here before you know it! Enjoy the next few months, and we look forward to photographing your big day!