Wedding Books

We love wedding books! Here’s why:

After all is said and done, your wedding book will be one of the [very] few tangible products of your wedding day. The dress and the shoes, the vows and the kiss, the tears and the laughter, the cake and the food – they all live on inside your wedding book. It’s the showcase for your wedding memories; a beautifully packaged place to relive your wedding day anytime. Through your wedding book, future generations can experience the stories you’ve told about the day that began your life of love.

Some photographers offer a dizzying array of options, but last time we checked, wedding books are suppose to focus on the photos, to allow them to tell your story. With that in mind, we’ve chosen to offer books that are stunningly simply and simply fabulous.

Our albums are available in 12×12 and 10×10-inch sizes, and your choice of several delectable colors in leather or linen.
sample wedding book colors

lay-flat panorama wedding book album pages
Thick, lay-flat pages are flush-mounted with no gap in the center of the spread: fantastic for featuring panorama spreads.
smaller duplicate wedding album parent book
We believe you’ll adore these books as much as we do! Parent books are available, too! These are duplicates of your primary book, and available in the same sizes, or a smaller 8×8-inch size.

We have sample wedding books available, and will be happy to show them to you when we meet!