Wendy & Chris: Family Portraits

We are having entirely too much fun lately with all these fall family photo sessions! This one was by a creek and an old paper mill; these old stones are fantastic, and the weather was perfectly autumnal with just enough of a nip in the air. I must’ve subconsciously chosen this outfit to wear because I had talked to Wendy previously about what she had planned for the family to wear. Ken snapped this photo when he realized that Lindsey and I both coordinated with the family’s outfits!
blue jeans and brown
Chris is the Middle School Minister at our church. He and his staff have really done a fantastic job of making Lindsey feel at home at our rather large church (since she came from such a small church before she joined our family). All the kids love Chris and Wendy — and so do we! They both have a great sense of humor, and it’s fun to watch them interact; they make a really great team in marriage and in ministry. I got tickled when we were telling Chris to scoot closer to Wendy for this photo and they were playing around like teenagers in love. Their kids were giggling at them and Wendy and Chris threatened to start kissing. {hee hee!}Chris and Wendy

walking in leaves

Abby and Dillon are adorable, and have mom and dad’s sense of humor, too!adorable kids
Dillon by the river
Abby poses on the rocks
family on old stone wall
family photo on the river