Re-Creating Oldies

We’re goofballs.
Lindsey, our 15 year old daughter, tells us we’re cool, but I think any time we pull off being cool, it is completely by accident. :) Our goofiness is fun, though — or at least, we think so! One of the sometimes goofy things we do is re-create old photos or art. A few weeks ago, we recruited Lindsey to play model in re-creating “Girl with a Pearl Earring” by Johannes Vermeer:

Girl with a Pearl Earring

Last week, I talked Ken into posing as Fred Astaire. He is a great dancer, but doesn’t typically wear a top hat when we go dancing. ;) The story behind this top hat is fantastic: the mom of one of our upcoming brides read on facebook that we were looking for a top hat for a photo, so she volunteered to send us — from Florida — the top hat her grandfather wore in his 1912 wedding! How fantastic is that!?! Here’s Ken as Fred Astaire:

Ken as Fred Astaire

And then, because we wanted one of these with both of us in it, we chose an old Hollywood favorite: a Gone With the Wind movie poster. The not laughing was the hardest part. Especially with Ken’s penciled-on mustache and the kids giggling as they watched us.

Ken and Jamie as Rhett and Scarlett

We’ve got one of these in mind for Kathryn to do soon, and my mom. I’m still looking for one to suit Brandon. And Lindsey has a beautiful, funny, red-headed friend who says she’ll pose for one of these, and I have the perfect one in mind for her! I think Ken could do a Frank Sinatra, too. Suggestions welcome — these are so fun for us!


  1. says

    One of the reasons you do such good work is because you are doing something you thoroughly enjoy. The idea of recreating famous images from paintings, movie posters, etc. has endless possibilities. Have you done any classic paintings or movie posters with your portrait clients? (of course I know copyright issues come into play, but there’s a lot in the public domain).

  2. Stephanie Poisson says

    These are so cool! I bet my Pop would be tickled pink that you used his top hat. Sharon and I sure love these photos!