Paula & Mark’s Wedding!

Paula and her friend Jill worked together, often went to lunch together, shared stories of life as single moms, and commiserated about their love lives — or lack thereof. Paula joked that she and Jill had so much in common that if Jill was a man, she’d marry her.

Jill’s brother Mark sometimes came to the office to take his sister out to lunch, and one time he showed up on a day when Jill had already made plans to have lunch with a couple of girls from work, including Paula. So he tagged along with the girls, and after lunch, Paula said to Jill, “Why didn’t you ever tell me your brother is so good looking?”

Paula discovered that Mark is a lot like his sister, and just so happens to be a man. ;)

Soon, Mark was coming to the office to take Paula to lunch — and their romance took on a life of it’s own…

bridal bouquet on settee

Paula and Mark’s early afternoon ceremony and reception were both held at The Marlow House, a Victorian-style home just off the historic Marietta Square. This home was originally built in 1887 as a boarding house.
wedding dress in bridal rooPaula got ready in the bridal room, with the help of her bridesmaids (including daughter Tiffany) and Mark’s sister Jill, who kept fighting off the urge to cry with happiness.
bride with groom's sister

The ring bearer was the son of a friend, and such a handsome little guy! When he found out he had to wear a tux and be in a wedding, he asked if he was getting married. Not yet, little man! ;)

ring bearer and bride's daughter

Paula and Mark’s children were all involved in the wedding. Paula’s daughter Tiffany eagerly helped her mother plan all the details, and I think she was just as excited as the bride! The boys helped Mark get ready, and Paula’s son Tyler walked her down the aisle.son helps groom get ready

helping groom with cufflinks

bride in mirror

bride's son walks her down the aisle

When Mark said his vows, he began with his pet name for Paula: “Girlfriend…”
This seemed really humorous in the midst of a wedding ceremony, so it generated quite a few giggles. But Paula and Mark are seldom seen without a smile on their faces, so laughter was a natural part of their day.

vows and laughter

While the guests enjoyed punch and the venue quickly transformed the ceremony area into the reception area, we took Paula and Mark outside for a few photos of just the two of them. This is always one of our very favorite parts of the day. With Paula and Mark, our hardest task was getting them to stop dancing to the music coming through the speakers onto the porch!

bride and groom on Marlow House porcg

bride and groom on front porch

bride and groom gate

happy bride and groom

bride and groom

Paula loves Elvis almost as much as she loves Mark. So naturally, their first dance was to Elvis’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love.”
first dance
Mark’s oldest son gave a toast to the couple, and said he knew this was one of the happiest days of his dad’s life, and therefore, it was one of his own happiest days as well.
toast from groom's son
wedding toast

After cutting their beautiful cake and doing a little socializing with their guests, Paula and Mark happily headed out to enjoy their first day of wedded bliss!

beautiful wedding cake

bride and groom exit

We wish you a fantastic honeymoon, and a joyful marriage!

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