Angela & Robert: Family Portraits 2010

This makes the FOURTH year we’ve done Angela and Rob’s holiday family portraits — and their family just keeps getting better looking every year! I love the location they chose this year: a wonderful park with a river, bike trails, and plenty of hiking. (We’ll be taking our own family soon to do a little hiking ourselves!)

We’ve learned that for some types of sessions, it works much better to have one main photographer so folks don’t get confused about where to look. Usually Ken acts as the main photographer and I play assistant. That was the case here, but as I was getting in position with a light, I noticed Angela being all gorgeous and looking like a magazine model. So I moved to another position, Ken hopped into where I was, and this was the result…
family portrait on rock

Angela is one of those women: you know, the ones who look amazing without even trying. She homeschools her kids, grinds her own grain to make homemade bread, rescues retired greyhounds, loves her husband and kids… but the thing is, she is so darn nice, you just can’t help but LOVE her!

(This next shot, by the way, was Ken’s great version of this location before Angela distracted me with her model-ishness.)
family photo by river

family portrait rock river

Isn’t this park beautiful? And the weather was fantastic!!
family walking

I’ve mentioned before that we LOVE when clients have ideas they want to try — especially our young clients! Ian wanted the family to try making a pyramid, and mom and dad were up for it, so…
family pyramid

Angela and Rob were kissing, so I pulled the kids aside and told them to make faces when mom and dad kissed again, and Ken caught this… {hee hee!}
kissing parents

Another of Ken’s awesome ideas…
family river reflection

I remember a few years ago that Sophie was so shy we had to be sneaky to catch her smiling at all. But she’s a wonderful, cooperative little subject now that she’s older! She was giving me a nice smile, but I wanted her gigglier personality to come our, so I asked Angela to stand behind me for these shots (I was behind the camera for these) and told her to “do whatever will make Sophie laugh.” She did…
smiling Sophia

I think Sophia gets her beauty from her mommy, don’t you? (Psst — Angela, you’re gorgeous!)

But the men in the family are pretty good-looking, too! Exhibit “A”…

Exhibit “B” of the family’s masculine good looks… (again with help from mom behind me to get him to laugh for the second shot!)

We are blessed to have you as loyal clients AND great friends!


  1. Angela says

    Jamie, you are too kind with your sweet words. I am not good are receiving compliments, but thank you, none-the-less.
    You and Ken always do such a great job and every year you find that perfect blend of silliness and classic. I am so blessed to have a friend like you and have loved watching what God has been doing in your life and the life of your family. You inspire me!