Elizabeth & Terry’s Wedding!

laughing bridesmaids

Elizabeth says about herself, “I’m not dramatic; I am just passionate about life!” She is fun and outgoing — perfectly suited for her work as a children’s minister. She says, Terry is a down-to-earth, duck-hunting mechanical engineer. They are very different, but very much alike in the ways that count: their faith, their priorities, and […]

Jennifer & Christopher’s Wedding!

stunning bride and antique car

We’ve been blessed to know Jennifer through church, and when she finally met the man of her dreams, we couldn’t have been happier for her! Their God-orchestrated love story is romantic and inspiring, and photographing their day was a joy! I joked that Jennifer’s bridesmaids ought to hire themselves out to other brides because they […]

Looking for forever…

boy looking for forever family

If you read our personal blogs, or if you’ve followed here for long, you know that our middle child, Lindsey, was adopted last year through the state foster care system at age 14. Did you know that there are more 150 million orphans worldwide, and currently about 123,000 children available for adoption through the foster […]